, .::. Daniel Cerny .::.


Born on 13 December 1977, in Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic

Since 2003, working as independent blacksmith. In addition, often involved in demonstrations and educational activities of the Rozmberk Society, a non-profit for Heritage Conservation and Regional Development.



1992 - 1995 Integrated Middle Agricultural Vocational Education in Hnivkovice, Graduation course on basic blacksmith school

1995 - 1998 Middle Vocational School in Jíhlava, Education work experience place with Alfred Habermann Jr. in Klatovec Graduation as artistic blacksmith and locksmith

1998 - 2002 After completing his education, worked as regular assistant of prof. Alfred Habermann Sr., in particular with workshops and international meetings in Czech Republic and other Central European countries.


Other courses absolved

1999 European Center for Trades and Professions of the Conservation of Architectural Heritage (Venice, Italy): Course Copper-driving.

1999 Blacksmith Studio Hefaiston (Castle Helfstyn, Czech Republic): Making blacksmith and copper-driving tools

1999 Blacksmith Studio Hefaiston: Drawing

2001 Association "Blacksmith Center Ybbsitz (Ybbsitz, Austria): Design and Drawing

2001 Association "Blacksmith Center Ybbsitz: Advanced Forging


Exhibitions, meetings, demonstrations, and competitions

Since 1996 participating in the annual Hefaiston meetings (Castle Helfstyn, Czech Republic). In 1998, 1st price in the category "Classic Blacksmith Work" for a for medieval metal-plate door; in 2000 price for demonstration signed "Blacksmith Studio"

Since 1998 regularly particiapting in Ferraculum and in Christmas Meetings in Ybbsitz, Austria. In 1998, 2nd place in competition with theme "house bells", in 2000 diploma for participating and demonstrating on the theme "Water" and for teamwork on the sculpture "Panta Rhei".

Since 2002 particiapting in the annual Brtnicke kovadliny (Brtnice Anvil) meetings in the Castle in Brtnice.

1999, 2001 Blacksmith Meeting Debrecen, Hungary; diplomas for participating and demonstrating.

2001 Melting of iron ore (Petange, Luxembourg)

2001 Opening Kojakovice Peasant Museum (Kojakovice, CZ), demonstrations of traditional craftsmanship in blacksmithing, charcoal burning, and melting of iron ore

2002 Kolbemor, Germany; demonstrating